Height 147 cm · Width 45 cm · Depth 45 cm · Output 5-6 kW


The round-shaped HASE OSAKA stove can be rotated, letting you view the fire from different areas of the room. The firebox door with its high-set window can be comfortably and conveniently handled from a standing position. The exclusive, handcrafted ceramic in a fan pattern is available in many colours and accentuates the elegant appearance of our stove. The OSAKA is suitable for rooms with low and medium low heating requirements.

Highlights of the OSAKA

  • Exclusive ceramic in a fan texture
  • Easy to open from a standing position
  • Stove body can be rotated
  • Fire presentation of up to 205°
  • Approved by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) and individually tested for leak tightness

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