Klasický model PATNA s manuální regulací vzduchu a účinnou technologií spalování.



Technologie iQ: inteligentní software a automatická regulace vzduchu zajišťují, že oheň v kamnech hoří čistěji než kdy před tím

Více k Technologie iQ



Height 166 cm · Width 61 cm · Depth 41 cm · Output 6-8 kW


The PATNA iQ stove features an impressive fire presentation and beautiful ceramic. Available with a smooth surface or ribbed texture, the ceramic is crafted and shaped by hand in our manufactory and then fired in a wide variety of colours. The PATNA iQ can also be configured in a soapstone version. The high-set firebox door can be easily and conveniently opened and closed from a standing position. The HASE iQ technology and its automatic air control system ensure that an extremely clean fire burns in the PATNA iQ at all times.

Highlights of the PATNA iQ

  • Expansive fire presentation
  • Easy to open from a standing position
  • Exclusive, exquisite ceramic in two textures or soapstone
  • HASE iQ technology
  • Available with heat-retaining block
  • Approved by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) and individually tested for leak tightness

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